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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It's time for me to try something new. Tumblr Time it is! I've just been on it for a day, but I fell in love with it already! It has so many nice features! Reblogging, easy to follow, different categories and the list goes on! I'm so excited to continue my bloggin ventures!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

"I am only human"

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Back w/ long hair!

It's been a while.

Halloween @ HOB

Check out the video below! The homeboy TK throws them crazy parties in San Diego. Sold out event with Halloween at The House of Blues! Proud of him. He was dressed like AVATAR this year! Shit looked soo real!

I couldn't agree more...

Did I ask you something?

The thing I like most about good mature friends is that they don’t meddle unless you ask them to. They listen, sure, and give you their view of things, but that’s about it. 
Unless they’re positive that their intervention will help fix or retrieve lost things, mouths are kept closed. They don’t carelessly throw out unsolicited comments especially if it will only make things worse (unless they’re still stuck in highschool, of course). 
Good friends understand that relationships and friendships are too valuable, and that they have no right to further harm those which aren’t theirs. 
In a nutshell, people who have good sense in them don’t meddle to make things crash and burn at a faster rate.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meet my family!

Brussels City!

Look what my friends (Jenny Kita x Jenilee x JD x TK) gave me on my goodbye party! I miss you guys!
 Our restaurant in Brussels x K-Touch
 La Bourse (across our restaurant)
 Aww look at this!
 lil' birds takin a shower
 Miss (Works in our restaurant)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


GENERAL INFORMATION Date: Tuesday 9th of November 2010
Doors open: 18:00
Concert starts: 20:30 
Presale: 20 euro ex. fee
at all Free Record Shops (BE & NL), FNAC
Online at
VIP reservations:
Location: Noxx Antwerp
Straatsburgdok - Noordkaai 3
2030 Antwerpen

Vip concert ticket = Free access to after party
Normal ticket = 10€
No ticket = 15€
VIP TABLES sold out

No presales for after party

Steph Jones new video - B E A utiful!

The homie Steph Jones I met out in Los Angeles just released his first video! This fella has so much in store for ya'll, you have no idea! Amazing voice.

Friday, November 5, 2010

I refuse to believe she’s only 9 years old. Willow just put a lot of artists to shame with that performance. Go get em babygirl!

You're my everything..

Michael Buble has the sexiest voice ever! My fav karaoke song from now on. I can you not smile after this?

Welcoming Back @ Club Carre w/ Kat Deluna

So I'm back on that Euro tip! The partner in crime Ravuth (Insomnia Live) scooped me up and surprised me with all the homiez. Popped some bottles. Perfect way to start off my Europe ventures.

Jna x Nhi x Me x My sister Hang
Kat Deluna on stage. Not sure what to think of this.
Ravuth x Me x Ratha x Kevin x Rayane x Dj Masterlee
Ain't no party without them bottles

The ladies Nhi x Me x Jna x Tram x Hang aka sister

Thursday, November 4, 2010

See you later LA!

Get ready Europe...she's back.

My Bon Voyage @ The Draft! Karaoke Tuesday!

Tuesday, november 2nd - It was supposed to be a surprise party but I ended up finding out lol. Than again it's the thought that counts. Just the idea knowing Kita, JD, Jenilee and TK were setting this up for me made me all feel warm, fuzzy and so special. I'm so blessed to have such amazing group of talented, beautiful friends in my life. It's hard to describe with words how I feel. Pretty overwhelming it was. It was hard to keep that smile on my face. Knowing I was leavin soon. But I am sooo thankful. 

"Thank you guys for all comin trough. My trip out here wouldn't be as amazing without you guys! We've shared so many amazing memories and good times. "Salute" to many more! 143"

Our group of friends is so tight. We all became so much closer this trip. It's hard, because I saw them almost everyday and all of a sudden I won't see them for months :*(

"goodbye's are the worst."

Jared x Ryan x Dj Drewbyrd x Dj Mark Marcelo (aka TK's roomie)
 Miss Lawn (Founder Hellz Bellz) x Nicole x Bam x Romeo x Ryan x Adam (722 Figuroa
 Timor from The Netherlands bustin them movies (Michael Jackson x Chris Brown)
Gui DaSilva (Chris Brown) x Timor x me x Gustavo x Brandon 
 Imma miss these biatches - Cheryl x Jenilee x Miss Lawn x Jenny Kita
 Jeka x Shaun Evaristo
 Cutest Couple Kevin x Joanna
 Singin our hearts out!
Neran x TK aka Harold and Kumar
 Indo (muse) x Kita x Chief (usla) x me
I love this girl! Thnx for always being there for me! Love you Cathy!
 Hellz Bellz x Gppr 
Jd x TK x Me x Gustavo x Lucas
 Jd x Timor x D-nice killin it on stage!

"Missing someone is your heart's way of reminding you that you love them"

Click here for more pictures

We tried to stop.
We tried to stop loving.
We tried to move on.

We couldn't.

GoodBye Pho 87...

Monday, november 1st - Enjoyin my last vietnamese supper before headed back home to Europe. Pho 87 in Chinatown. I love this place. It became one of my fav Pho spots thnx to TK. We could eat here daily. Thnx TK for treatin us! I miss you!

At night the homiez took me out for Korean BBQ. I wish we had this in Europe. For all my Dutchies ya'll have no idea what your missin out on!

Mark x TK x Killuh B x JD x Kita x Me x Jenilee - " I MISS YOU GUYS SOOOOO MUCH " 143
 HEY! It's that guy from the poster!

Halloween Hennessy Black Masquerade Noir

[Sunday, October 31st] After another sold out Halloween Block Party at the House of Blues San Diego on Saturday.  I headed back up to Hollywood to hosting Hennessy Black's private Masquerade Noir at Premiere Supper Club.  It was my first time spending Halloween in Hollywood and it was just as ridiculous as I imagined.  It looked as if there was a Halloween parade marching down Hollywood Blvd. Just a sea of people dressed in the most outrageous outfits.
Thanks to Elisabeth (LVMH) & Kenny Mac (Creative Contraband) for the opportunity to host such an amazing event.  Complimentary appetizers, beautiful cocktail servers, exotic performers, and of course all the Hennessy Black you can drink! :)
CLICK HERE for more photos from the Masquerade Noir.

As long as your RSVPed, you'd be good to go...
Now thats how you welcome your guest!
My favorite mixed drink was definitely the Hennessy Black Berry: Hennessy Black, cranberry juice, apple juice, dash of lime, fresh blackberry, all served over ice.
Meg x Komie (Rayne Delikate)
Everyone's favorite female turntablist aka DJ Lady Sha!
LSD Fashion Lab rockin' their Tron outfits!
I was starving when I got there, luckily they were serving tasty appetizers throughout the night.
Nicky Diamond (Diamond Supply) x Michelle (Crooks)
The birthday girl aka Komie x Matt Walsh (Syndicate Group)
At first I was wondering who this random lady was and why she was dancing on our table, but it was actually all apart of Hennessy Black's bottle service presentation. Applause!
All that for us!?
Hennessy Black Berries all around please!!!
Cheers to the good life!
We must have gone through at least 4 bottles at our table.
Awesome job DJ Lady Sha! We all love you!
Oh you Nancy huh?
Thanks to America's Next Top Model winner Salesiah Stowers for coming!
Mega (BlckScle) x Nick Diamond x Dagan... Can't believe Dagan really chopped his hair!
English (Creative Contraband) hard at work behind the lens.
Like OMG! If it isn't everyone's favorite Hollywood party girl aka Summer. Teresa Espinosa (Beat Freaks) killed it and never broke character. Loved it!!!
Beat Freaks: Alison "Al Star"x Lady Jules x Teresa Espinosa... I mean Summer!
oanna x Aimee (Movement Lifestyle)
JP San Pedro (Janet Jackson) and his Crazy 88!
K-Pop choreographer Shaun Evaristo (Movement Lifestyle) is in the building!
hile I was outside, I saw a swarm of paparazzi making their way over to Premier.  It turns out Pamela Anderson wanted to come through to the Hennessy Black event.  The paparazzi are no joke... I think I'm still blinded by all those flash bulbs.
Is that Mike Tyson?  Wait, its just the General aka Dennis (Crooks & Castles).  HAHA
Time of my Life!
Also, thanks to Bee Nguyen (Belvedere), Ben Wang (722 Figueroa), Jerry Lorenzo (JL), Julian Edwards (JL), and the rest of the crew for coming by.  I hope everyone had the time of their lives.  Can't wait to see the photo booth pictures. If you have them, send them to me please.
Thanks Hennessy Black and Happy Halloween!!!